About Us

Exivos has been appointed as the sole global service provider for online and real world transaction settled in CROiNX (CX).

CROiNX SYSTEMS™ the founders and creators of the CX have deployed TriCrypta Technology™ to create the CX into a triple-encrypted, safe and efficient Transactions Settlement Software (TSS) with multi currency features.

CX addresses and overcomes issues and problems ignored by other transaction settlement systems.

Through Exivos, CX may be purchased, stored and transferred (i.e. instead of using credit or debit cards or bank account debits).

CX may be sold back to Exivos at any time for payment in a wide range of major International currencies without any daily limits. There is only a per transaction limit of 10000 CX.

CX holders automatically get a free CX Storage Account (CXSA) with Exivos. This helps with fast authentication and eliminates the costs and risks of having to use unreliable third-party storage services.